PSL Token Economics

To ensure the security of our Network, we inflate the supply of our token to incentivize SuperNodes to stake PSL and miners to participate in the Pastel Network.

Token Information:

Type: Native Token Symbol: PSL Max Supply: 21,000,000,000.00 PSL (fixed) Initial Total Supply at Genesis: 10,762,197,400.00 PSL Decimals: 8


The current emission (“Emission Schedule”) accounts for the creation of 6,250 PSL every block (“Block Reward”) with a targeted block time of 2.5 Minutes / Block. The Block Reward is halved every 840,000 blocks. The target PSL inflation at genesis is roughly 12% and will decrease over time to under 1%. As the network matures, total supply of PSL may be lower than the initial supply due to our deflationary mechanism.

The Block Reward is distributed across key stakeholders and network participants. Miners provide invaluable computational power to secure the network through Proof of Work, while SuperNode operators stake collateral (5,000,000.00 PSL) and delegate computation for the function and validation of key network services.

Current Block Reward Distribution:

  • SuperNode Operators: 20%

  • Miners: 80%

Pastel also encourages participants to vote on the allocation of resources to support the longevity of the network through a governance mechanism.

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