SuperNode Staking

For Pastel Network, any participant can qualify to become a SuperNode validator by running a full-node and self-staking PSL tokens. SuperNode operators participating in consensus for Pastel earn block rewards and transaction fees.

SuperNodes have two addresses and it is advised to operate each on isolated nodes:

  1. owner address: This address is from the SuperNode operator who handles admin-related functionality like activating the signer and taking custody of PSL collateral.

  2. signer address: This address belongs to the SuperNode operator who runs the active network node and performs the various SuperNode operations.


Stake is measured in PSL, the native token of the Pastel Network.

  • Exactly 5,000,000.00 PSL held in a single UTXO ("Staked PSL")

  • Full nodes with Staked PSL qualify as SuperNodes

  • SuperNodes in the enabled state become part of the active-set

  • Only SuperNodes in the active-set are eligible for signing blocks, receiving block rewards, processing transactions, and earning transaction fees

  • Updates to the active-set of SuperNodes occur during state transitions at the end of each block, otherwise known as an end-block.


Staked PSL is never frozen or programmatically locked, allowing SuperNodes to exit the active-set whenever they choose.

  • When the SuperNode wants to exit the system and stop validating blocks or performing operations, they can simply call stop

    • This action is immediate as of the method call

    • After this action the SuperNode is considered out of the active-set set of validators

  • They are also able to move any portion of the Staked PSL to another address, which will remove them from an enabled state

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