Beta - This will all be made into wallet functionality and scripted.


The WalletNode API is intended to provide a port that other apps can use to interface with a user's wallet and operate on the blockchain. Using the swagger interface (below) is recommended to test development. If the development-mode option is omitted, the port 8080 interface remains open to accept the same commands Swagger helped generate.

Starting The Local Swagger Interface

One way to access the complete WalletNode API is to access the local swagger interface. Swagger provides a complete API listing as well as a convenient interface for testing API calls.

First, start WalletNode in development mode:

./pastelup-linux-amd64 start walletnode --development-mode

Then, navigate to the local API interface at using a web browser.

You can also use Postman or some other tool of your choice to work with WalletNode APIs

Common Tasks

After getting started with Swagger, head to the Sense or Cascade API sections for further instruction. Alternatively, here are links to some common tasks you might be looking for:

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