SuperNode States & Implications for Stake

SuperNodes have three core states. These states come with implications for the state of rewards from their stakes. Stakers must be aware of these states to fully grasp and inform their staking decisions responsibly. SuperNode state is eligible for transition on every end-block.


After self-staking 5,000,000.00 PSL, SuperNode owners are able to activate the signer in order to synchronize to the network, connect with other nodes, and join the active-set. They can sign blocks and earn rewards after an end-block transition to enabled.

SuperNodes in the enabled state are in the active-set and will earn rewards and returns on their staked PSL so long as they remain enabled. Moving self-staked collateral will result in the SuperNode being removed from the active-set.


Validators who are in a disabled state are not in the active-set, either by choice or as a result of a misconfiguration or becoming banned (punishment for behavior harmful to network integrity). They cannot sign blocks and they do not earn rewards.

Self-staked collateral held by disabled operators is not locked by the network and is free to move.


Pre-Enabled is a transitory state where a SuperNode is being added to the active-set as the node synchronizes to the network and connects with other peers.

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