SuperNode Fees

SuperNode operators that are actively staking on the network and members of the active-set are eligible for selection of various rewards including:

  • Block Reward - Currently 20% of the Total Block Reward, or 1,250 PSL as of November, 2022 (this will change over time as the total block reward adjusts down after each "halving").

  • Transaction Fees - Received for various successful operations performed including NFT Registration, NFT Activation, OpenAPI Actions (e.g., external Sense and Cascade requests)

In order to qualify to receive these fees, SuperNode operators must do the following:

  • Self-stake collateral denominated in PSL (5,000,000 PSL per SuperNode);

  • Dedicate a separate machine or cloud instance for each SuperNode with adequate memory, disk space, processing speed, and an "always on" static IP address;

  • Ensure they are running the latest compatible version of the open-source Pastel software, and properly configure this software so that their SuperNode is considered by the protocol to be in "good standing."

SuperNode Fees are intended to align the incentives of network operators, reward ongoing good behavior, and increase network participation. The current fee structure should further support the long-term objective of a fully-decentralized peer-to-peer network.

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