SuperNodes are powerful validator servers backed by staked collateral held in PSL.

SuperNodes host full copies of the blockchain and provide a unique second layer of services to the network, processing advanced functionality such as NFT Registration & Activation, OpenAPI Sense & Cascade Requests, and cross-chain bridge relayers & orchestrators.

This interconnected layer provides an additional level of performance, functionality, and security to the broader Pastel ecosystem. Compute intensive operations can be conducted on high-powered nodes, who collectively verify the output and monitor the state of other SuperNodes on the network prior to data or information being submitted on-chain.

SuperNode operators must self-stake collateral denominated in PSL (this takes the form of a single transaction containing precisely 5,000,000 PSL), and in return their operators receive regular payment for the services they provide to the network. These payments to SuperNodes come from the 20% of the mining block reward that is allocated to SuperNode rewards as a whole, and these are evenly split between all valid SuperNodes. This means that the reward to each SuperNode (as measured by daily estimated rewards in PSL as a % of the 5,000,000 PSL of collateral) depend on the total number of SuperNodes-- the more SuperNodes there are enabled on the network, the less each of them receives in rewards.

As highly committed custodians and validators of the Network, SuperNode operators are also given the opportunity to vote on key ecosystem development and growth initiatives playing a fundamental governance role.

Learn more about running a SuperNode here.

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